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Welcome to Damn Fit SC

After 25 years of working with athletes across the sporting spectrum – from casual runners to international medalists and professional sportspeople – Damn Fit Strength and Conditioning was established to service clients in Melbourne in 2014 to spread our Strength and Conditioning knowledge far and wide.

In 2017 Damn Fit SC expanded its strength and conditioning services to utilise the Visual Coaching online platform. This means you can train in your gym,  at a time that suits you whilst still accessing the expertise and knowledge Damn Fit is renowned for.

We are committed to not only to helping you reach your goals, but to surpass them. We have become highly respected for our personalised approach, using proven strength and conditioning principles to get the best results for our clients.

We offer services in Strength and Conditioning and Speed Training. We will structure an individualised programme based specifically on your needs and goals.

Check out our ABOUT page for more information on our services and who we are.

No matter whether you are based in our hometown of Melbourne or elsewhere, you can join our team of clients around the world as they SET their GOALS and WORK with us to achieve SUCCESS!

Melbourne | Australia

What our Clients Have To Say

So pleased! Just came out of my specialist appointment and I don’t need to go back!!! I went through my training program designed by David at Damn Fit SC with her. She is super happy with the way Damn Fit has developed a program that has not only supported my injuries, but has helped so much with my progression that I don’t need to go back to her. So, I’ve been given the green light to compete again! Thank you David for all of your support, knowledge and expertise. I’m so looking forward to putting all of the training into practice and start burning up the track.

Frances, Goulburn, NSW

We love our morning sessions with Dave he makes it always interesting & enjoyable! He creates customised training that suits both myself & my husband. In 6 months we have been training our strength has increased ten fold. Beauty of his program is he will step it up to meet your needs as your requirements change.

Emma, Vic

Very quick response and we are super pleased with our personal trainer. The beginning of a new year’s eve resolution being taken seriously.

Yolette , Vic

Dave is a fantastic trainer and makes me feel comfortable and motivated to achieve my goals. So glad to find him and the team!

Alison, Vic

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