PART 1: Kick-start Your Running

Even experienced runners hit plateaus from time to time – a period of time where performances seem to stagnate and consequently motivation becomes tougher. The temptation is to work harder, run further and wait for the improvement to come. Changing the training dynamic is certainly one way to kick start your running… but it’s not the only way.

Those newer to running often find that improvement comes quickly early on as the body “figures out this running thing” and then the improvements disappear… and are often replaced with injury and frustration.

If you find yourself in either of these situations – your performances have flat lined (or God forbid, gone backwards) or you are facing increasing injury annoyance then adding strength training to your program may well just be the kick-start you need.

This is what we know:

Adding strength training to your running training can

  • increase maximal strength and reactive strength
  • improve running economy
  • improve maximal oxygen intake
  • improve the mid and latter stages of your race/performance

AND all of this can occur WITHOUT any associated hypertrophy (increase in muscle size ie not added weight to carry around)

So, to kick-start your running you should:

  • Set aside regular training time for strength training
  • Find a qualified and experience strength coach to guide you in integrating strength training into your training programme
  • Check out our blog on using plyometrics to take your running to the next level

For more information on how Strength and Conditioning programmes can help you improve your sporting performance go to

Author: DamnFitSC

Coaching athletes since 1988. Post Graduate qualifications in Sports Coaching. Accredited with Australian Strength and Conditioning Association. Have coached athletes across numerous sports at local, state, national and international level.

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