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Getting STRONGER Never Grows Old

At Damn Fit SC we specialise in online Strength and Conditioning Programs for Masters Athletes.

Our systems provide athletes with sustainable progression, accountability and monitoring. What we design in consultation with you (and any technical coaches) is a program which focuses on identifying weakness and improving on them while capitalising on your strengths to help you produce your best competitive performance.

Damn Fit Strength and Conditioning offers:

  • Online Strength & Conditioning Training for Masters Athletes
  • Online Athletics Training Programmes
  • Speed Training
  • Endurance Training
  • Running Programmes
  • Individualised Programmes
  • Support and advice external to training sessions
  • High Performance support
  • Assistance with Rehabilitation Programmes

We bring a background of over 30 years of athletic programming and planning (including over 20 with Masters athletes), combined with post graduate study to provide programs which are periodised to progress you effectively, safely and in a manner which will be provide for ongoing improvement and enjoyment.

We DO NOT believe in short term fixes, however we definitely celebrate each milestone you reach along the path to your goals.

Australian Strength & Conditioning Association: Member No: 11694

National Strength & Conditioning Association: Professional Member No: 983506

United Kingdom Strength & Conditioning Association: Associate Member No: 40959

Contact us:

    Damn Fit ABN: 40 234 542 816